The Story

Far to the North in a vast world of primordial ice and rock, where the deep fjord meets the mighty ice cap, lies a small and isolated village. The villagers live and hunts in accordance to the old ways by decree of their ageing Shaman Unatok, who has denounced the outside world and its modern technology as a breach of the old Inuit pact with the powerful and ancient arctic spirits!

Little Mikisoq, the orphan grandson of Unatok and his very reluctant Shaman protégé, loves his grandfather but rolls his eyes and sighs when the old man starts rambling about his spirits and gods. Mikisoq dreams about becoming an inventor and is convinced that he will succeed in constructing a device that will reverse the fading hunting luck of the village as well as the advancing decline of the fjord ice. As his original but somewhat unstable invention prototypes have a tendency to create more havock than hunting luck,

Mikisoq is ridiculed and marginalised by the villagers as well as heavily reprimanded by a worried Unatok, who is firm in his decision that Mikisoq is to become the next Shaman. Luckily his best (and only) friend Tupi, a chubby one eyed sled dog, doesn't hold it against him!

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One day a high-tech scientific expedition ship enters the hidden fjord in the search of the oldest rock in the world, said to found in the legendary Morning fjord. Locating it would mean a safe and prosperous future for the village! Furious, Unatok proclaims that the expedition is bad luck and will awake the anger of the spirits, and commands it to leave immediately.

But Mikisoq, seeing the expedition as his chance to become the inventor he dreamed of, confronts his grandfather and against the old mans will he together with Tupi runs away and joins the expedition, agreeing to lead them to the Morning Fjord!

Before Mikisoq knows it, he has started a chain of events that will lead to the total destruction of his Village! Together with Tupi the sled dog and Michelle, the stubborn daughter of the expedition leader, he will have to call upon all his courage and indeed the help of some utterly crazy arctic spirits in order to accept his mysterious destiny and save his grandfather, the Village and the ice itself!

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